Past Events

Past Featured Speakers

EJ Carrion

EJ-Carrion.pngEJ is the #1 Amazon Best-Selling author of Accelerate Your Success: How to Create A Future and Stand out When College is Not Enough, which teaches students how to market and brand themselves when everyone is going to college and no one is hiring.

EJ has spoken to over tens of thousands of students. His main entrepreneurial venture is the Student Success Academy, a modern coaching solution that helps high school students leverage their education and build a personalized plan to defeat current issues in the economy and in their own lives.


David Edward Garcia

david David is the only 5-language-speaking-motivational-comedian on the planet! David empathizes with diverse students who face challenges because he was once considered an “at-risk student” himself before defying the odds and graduating with a bachelor’s degree and then earning his Master’s Degree. He has motivated children and mature adults in some of the greatest metropolitan cities of the world: Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, and London.

Participants were able to…

  • Reflect on and focus on their dreams & ambitions
  • Learn innovative tools and concepts to think about, plan and realize goals
  • Boost their confidence about themselves, their abilities and their potential
  • Discover their unique talents and see how these are the keys to future success and happiness
  • Gain insight into what drives them and others to take action in specific ways
  • Draw on their strengths to visualize their bigger future
  • Meet new, like-minded people in an exciting atmosphere!